Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ethics, loyalty, and paranoia OH MY!

Writers are neurotic. That's all well and good. I accept it. Hell, I embrace it.

Ethics, loyalty, and paranoia are all part of this occupation.

Professional standards of conduct SHOULD be held near and dear to every author's heart. Because when these standards are pushed aside, writers lose what footing they have. And their literary aspirations will fall into a million, little pieces.

I'm a big fan of loyalty. Because I believe in giving what I've been getting. I'll stick with my e-publisher even after traditional pubs pick me up. One, because WCP believed in me. The owners are wonderful. The editing staff is amazing. And I LOVE my cover artist. She called me the other day on the phone, and I laughed my ass off. She was putting together my cover for The Portrait. We talked about it, and I told her I had another idea. I would shoot it off as soon as I got home. Needless to say, today I have a magnificent cover that fits my story perfectly. Can't wait to show it off!

Paranoia is another ball of wax. I keep my writing very close to my vest. I don't have CP's. I don't have people in my life waving flags and cheering me on. I have a few, mind you. But they like to read the finished product. Everything in-between is up to me. So I don't put my titles out anywhere until they've been contracted. I don't talk about ideas for my writing because I know damn good and well there are writers without the Ethics I mentioned above. And I won't let someone else take my idea and run with it.

I've heard people say that all the stories are told. The only difference now is in the telling. But I don't think so. I believe that there are uncharted territories and bold stories waiting to be exposed to the world. Handled ethically. With love. Breaking boundaries.
Now hand me my keyboard.


Tori Lennox said...

paranoia are all part of this occupation.

What do you mean "paranoia"? Who told you I was paranoid???


chryscat said...

Tori: I SO need one of those ROFL smilies. Because I am ROLLING ON THE FLOOR!
Oh. And to answer your question. Um...no one. Why do you ask? *snicker*

Michelle said...

You people are making me paranoid! What do you mean there are people without ethics?

::Michelle faints:: *grins*

chryscat said...

We've freaked Michelle out. *snickering*

Silma said...

Yep. Suffering paranoia is an occupational hazard. *g* I think there should be a paranoid insurance for writers.

chryscat said...

Silma: *laughing* I wonder who would underwrite that?

Janie said...

It takes a while to truly understand people when they are just Internet buddies and such.

But I do understand this about you now. I sincerely believe you should stick to your passions and to your own habits. What works for you.

We all are paranoid. We are all neurotic. That's why we write.

It's also why we will never have health insurance of our own! LAUGHING.