Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Butt in chair *cracking whip*

Here I sit. Blogging.

While my heroine has her hands on her hips wondering what in the hell I'm waiting for. Good question.
I'm about 55,000 words. I plan on making my May 4th deadline. Even though I have a job interview tomorrow for a part-time job. More on that if I get the job. *fingers crossed* It would be PERFECT. Therefore, I'm not getting too excited. Ya know.
I want the book to be around 70,000 words. And I have the ending. ALL of it. And I really feel like just plowing ahead and writing it. And then filling in that time between now and then. But I NEVER write out of order. Sure, I'll jot down ideas and such. But I don't type out of order.
Then again, I've never written a 70,000 word book in a month, either. I guess there are firsts for everything.
I'm afraid it'll be uneven. That's my worst fear. Smooth. Smooth. Smooth. Bump. Smooth. Smooth. I do NOT want to take the reader out of the story. So I'm seriously wrestling with this.
Yeah. Yeah. I hear ya.
Gotta go. The heroine is becoming impatient. Heifer.


Tori Lennox said...

Bossy wench, that heroine of yours. *g*

So... did you catch Robson Green last night????

Dorothy said...

Good luck, hon, sounds like you'll get there. The Bronchitis bug has me in its grasps and just won't let me write, but just wait til this thing passes...I'll be hell on wheels...;o)

Michelle said...

If you manage to write 70,000 words in a month, please SHARE YOUR SECRET!! :)

And yikes on the Miss Snark thing. Must go see this....

chryscat said...

Tori: Tell me about. HMPH. Thinks she somebody. *laughing*
Didn't catch Robson. I watched "Bell, Book, and Candle."
Dorothy: Hope you feel better soon!
Michelle: If I had the magic words or some formula, I would SHARE! It's this damn schizophrenic, bossy brain of mine.