Monday, April 03, 2006

Revenge of the OCD

I'm a slave to the number, folks. And this time it's Fictionwise. My publisher, Whiskey Creek Press, filters new releases down through them as a distributor.
My Time Travel Romance, Perfect Timing, is now available. And guess what?
It's #21 out of 2480 romance books!!! *dancing*
And I love Fictionwise because they have reader ratings and let you know what other books were purchased along with yours. I find it fascinating.
Ahhhhhh. Numerical bliss.
I've been checking on and off for a week so I could see the ranking and what readers thought. But it's all good. *wink*
I have lovely feedback. And now I'll have to restrain myself so as to not do the clicky thing everyday.
Oh. Heaven help me.


Silma said...

OMG! That's great news, chica! I hope you get to the top 10! *g*

Olga said...

That's great! I'm with Silma. I hope you'll be to the top 10!

Rene said...

Very, very cool. Glad to hear it.

chryscat said...

Thank you, ladies!!! I appreciate it.