Friday, April 14, 2006

Be afraid my friends. Be very, very afraid.

My horoscope for the day. No. Really.

You are likely becoming more serious now, yet this could bring feelings of isolation as well. Loneliness can arise when you think you can't share what's bothering you with others. If you keep it to yourself, you may not be able to solve it, and yet it might not be appropriate to bring out into the open. For now, writing in your journal or blog could be the best answer.

Hmmmm. Not appropriate to bring out in the open. But I can blog it and share with pretty much everyone.
The mind boggles.

Now I simply have to sort through my inappropriateness and narrow this down.
Don't hold your breath.



Silma said...

Does this mean you weren't serious before? *gasp in surprise*

chryscat said...

Silma: I guffaw at the hilarity of this horoscope.
Any more serious, and I couldn't stand myself.

Rene said...

You? Inappropriate? Nah....