Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's that time again

I like spring showers. And heaven knows we need the rain here. But I am not particularly fond of turning on the television and watching a tornado form right before my eyes. But that's how I spent a couple of hours last night.

I watch the local NBC news here. They have great coverage. They have a chopper pilot in the air, and some lunatic (the lovable David Payne, for you Okies) on the ground. And the pilot (Jim) swings around on one side of the tornado. And then you have David on the ground, excited as all hell, because a tornado has just hit the ground. And you can see it!!!
I kid you not. The thing formed right before the viewers' eyes. And David is about 150 yards away from it. They are in the van, on the road, and have to stop so the tornado can cross!
Jim actually has them on tape in the background of the tornado. Oh. My. God.
I have been educated to say the least. Let me throw around some cyclonic terms.
We had an anti-cyclonic tornado last night. Rare they are. One in every hundred, I believe. There's updraft. Feeding. Inflow. All kinds of things. But I have to admit, watching it form was incredible.
This one didn't harm anybody, though it tore the hell out of an airport hanger. And I think it reached F2 standards. Winds of 150 and whatnot.
North of the city was hit hard. Baseball size hail. Ninety mile per hour winds. We got rain. But nothing above and beyond. So we'll see what this storm season brings.

A little sidenote on David Payne. I absolutely adore him. He is funny as all hell. If you catch the morning news here, you will laugh your ass off. Witty. Self-deprecating. Adorable.
What more could you want in a crazy weather watcher?


Lyvvie said...

Another thing I like about Scotland: No tornadoes.

I couldn't cope being at the mercy of Mother Nature like that - I'll be content with the fact she just likes to rain when I put the laundry out to dry.

Tori Lennox said...

I just saw that tornado on the Weather Channel! Wicked!!!

Rene said...

To you have to take goofball lessons to be a weather man? I've yet to have a weather man who wasn't a doofus. Except the one weather chick. She has loads of personality if you know what I mean. Hubby loves her. Couldn't tell you what she said, but this is California, how important is the weather?

Judy said...

I think Rene is referring to one of my favorites, Jillian Barberie on KTTV11. She is always wearing neat new clothes but there is some chatter. It could also be Jackie Johnson on KCAL9. Personally I like Rachel Boesing on KABC4 and Garth Kemp on KABC7.

Dorothy said...

Oh, goodness, be careful. I've seen a lot of weather reports where they've posted tornados touching down...scary!