Monday, April 10, 2006

White trash with money

I love Toby Keith.
He's irreverent and intelligent. Two of my favorite things. And the more I see him, the more fascinating I find him.
He's launched his own record label now. And that's a long way for a roughneck redneck.

I've watched his biography on A & E. I've seen many of his interviews on CMT and other news programs. And it's easy to see he hasn't compromised who he is to make a buck.

I'm fairly new to this wonderful world of romance fiction. There's a lot I don't know. And believe me, I have no problem admitting it. But I do know this: If you stay true to yourself and your work, you won't ever go wrong.
So there's no market for your subgenre. So damn what? Make one.
So there's no place in your subgenre for the kind of hero you want to write. So damn what? Write him anyway.
So everyone tells you that conforming to other people's guidelines will get you farther, faster. So damn what? At what cost will you write? Your professional integrity? I don't think so.

It's so easy to take your number and stand in line. But why?
Unhappy and published vs. Happy and searching? How hard a choice is that?

My personal choice is to truck along and write the stories that live inside me. Odd though they may be. Peculiar though some may find them.
And maybe someday, when all is said and done, I can be white trash with money, too. *wink*


Olga said...

I'm glad you stayed true to yourself. That's extremely important.

Ceri said...

Awesome post, Crystal! I know that my hero's don't fall into the usual mold and thats okay with me, I don't plan on changing them. They're real guys, the kind that I like.

And Toby is awesome! One of my favorites. Definitely in a class of his own.