Sunday, April 23, 2006

Anywhere but here

Horoscope of the day:
You aren't particularly interested in taking orders today; you want to be treated as an equal and anyone's slightest display of dominance may be met with a strong response. It's healthy to stand up for yourself, but don't push back so hard that needless conflict erupts. Temper your responses for the sake of peace.

Let me translate this. I am in rare form today. VERY cranky. VERY irritable. And so I have warned those in the house not to communicate with me whatsoever. At the risk of getting their heads bit off.
Why? It could have to do with the fact that the chickens are lazy beyond belief this weekend. They'd rather park their collective asses in front of the television and DO NOTHING. Not their chores. Not their dishes. NOTHING. And there are simply days that I get tired of riding their butts about doing what they're supposed to be doing.
Could be hormonal. Can you hear my ovaries screaming over there? CAN YOU??? Okay. Maybe TMI there. And all I can say at this point in time is too damn bad.

I am going to immerse myself in my story today because damn it! I can. And I need to.
Because even though they, too, are going through hell right now, I can fix that.
I'm just going to have to ride my own issues out. With lots of chocolate.


Michelle said...

Hugs and good luck!!

Tori Lennox said...

*hugs* sweetie. Chocolate's a good cure for lots of things. I think I'll have some myself. :)

chryscat said...

Ladies: Thank you very much! My best friend actually felt sorry for either myself or my children. Because she hustled them off to the playground. I'm not asking too many questions. *grins*