Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Double dipping

I'm not talking about food. Because ewwwww, I mean really.
I'm talking book titles.

As an author...how do you feel about using a book title that someone else has used? Or do you become peeved when another author does it to you?
Let's face it. There are only so many titles out there. Many authors will use characters names in the titles to differentiate them. Some will use some obscure reasoning or method to do the same.
But what do you do when the perfect title for your book is already taken?
And how do you, as readers, feel about it?

I don't like dipping into the title pool and using another author's title. But I seriously have the best idea for a book. And the damn title is already taken. It's not an odd title. But the author is fairly popular. And now I'm trying to figure out what I've got going on here. I wrote over 6000 words on it today. And the story is simply flowing. Gotta love it.

So let me know what you think. I believe I'll use the title I have right now. Because, to me, it clicks.


Amy said...

I always check to see if any recent books have "my" title. If it's been a few years, I don't sweat it. If it's out right now, I change it, mostly because I know my editor will anyway.

I'd say if it inspires you, use it. If you have to change it later, so be it, but whatever works to get that sucker written! :)

Rene said...

I'm not sure. I rarely pay attention to titles, I'm usually focused on the author's name. If it means enough to you, stick with the title you like.

Tori Lennox said...

*emerging from the tornado disaster zone*

Once upon a time, I had a multi-published writer friend who accidentally 'borrowed" *g* a title I'd come up with for a fantasy story of mine. She got asked for a title for her romantic suspense and my title popped into her head. I get a lot of amusement from teasing her about it. :)

Jill Monroe said...

Man, it's just hard to come up with something original, unique and totally fits your book. Good luck!

chryscat said...

I think that if I don't use the title I have now...I'll use a derivative. But there are some words in the title I am NOT giving up.

Ceri said...

I usually do a search on the title and see if/when it was used, if the book was anything like the one I'm writing. If its too similar then I start my title search from scratch.

And I hate trying to come up with a good title. Sometimes its harder than writing the manuscript.

Of course now I'm curious about your title.

Good luck with it!

B said...

Honestly, how can authors not double dip at some point? I agree with Ceri, if the book with your title is too similar then you probably need to try again. But if not, then I say go for it!


ThatBrunette said...

I'm a bit split on the topic. Occasionally, it is a problem. Books from the same genre tend to, well, be in the same genre and the titles refelct that. (I don't think anyone will be using GONE WITH THE WIND or MOBY DICK.) But, unless the title is very specific, I think re-using is okay. My husband might get a little confused if I send him for a title with one author and he finds the same title with another author. And Husband tries so hard to be an obliging husband. :-)