Saturday, April 22, 2006

So you say you want to be a writer...

Hi everyone!
I'll be immersed in my latest manuscript today. I'm about 43,000 words in. 27,000 or so more to go. And I want to finish this NO LATER than May 4th. Give or take four days. That's my internal deadline.
So...I've decided to put a couple of sentences of the start of a book on here. (This one has been lazing about for awhile.) It's a paranormal. Then I would like those of you who want to participate to write four or more sentences in the comment section. How would YOU continue the story? Each comment should be a take-off of the two sentences. NOT the comment before theirs. I don't want a continuing story. I want YOUR story.
I can tell pieces of your personality through your blogs or comments. But I'd like to see the personality in your writing. Voyeuristic? Why, yes. I am. *laughing*

Here it is:
Her silver wings beat frantically against the bars of the cage.
He calmly paused from reading and looked up. “You will not escape.”

Have at! Can't wait to read what y'all have written.


Rene said...

How she hated him! But her mother had warned her. Never content to stay in the safe confines of the garden, she had to explore. The handsome man in the conservatory fascinated her, his intensity in his work drew her like moth to a flame. And he'd caught her. Despite the futility of the actions, she flew against bars again.
"Please stop," he said, "you will only hurt yourself."
She looked into the cool darkness of his eyes and turned away. There would be no escape.

chryscat said...

Rene: Ooooooooooo
I LIKE this!!!

Michelle said...

Calista sent him a look that would have incinerated the flesh of an ordinary man. "You cannot guard me forever."
Patrick closed the distance to stand before her. Hard ridges of muscle lay beneath his tunic, muscles created by years of training. She knew, for she had run her hands across his warm male skin.
Her heart thrummed in her chest and she suddenly grew aware that there were worse things than being caged.

chryscat said...

Michelle: Dayum. *fanning self*
Ya know. I just got OUT of the tub. But I may need to go back and take a cold shower. *grinning*