Sunday, April 16, 2006

Frustration Level Exceeded

I don't deal well with frustration. I don't like rocking along and then WHAM! All of a sudden I have this roadblock going on. I become frustrated.
My ATM card chose not to work today. Irritation number one. I can fix this. A simple reset at the bank tomorrow. But it's highly inconvenient.
Children bickering. Think I'm going to make it. Tomorrow is Monday.
Then we take off for the city to go to an Easter drama. Keep in mind I'm on I-40. The busiest highway running East/West through Oklahoma. Traffic is a bitch. And my van dies.
No warning. No light. NOTHING.
So I semi-calmly pull over and put it in park. Then I restart it. Have to wait about ten minutes to even merge back in. So I decide to play it safe and pull off at the nearest gas station.
It then dies two more times. I phone Mom and tell her we're not coming.
Kids are disappointed. So I snap at them. HUSH! So we decide to take the backroads home. And the son of a bitch keeps dying.
I am seriously about to lose my mind. In fact, I'm pretty sure I verbalized the fact I was headed for a nervous breakdown.
I call AAA. Worthless bastards. We are fifty miles from home. They are NO help whatsoever.
So my best friend, in the passenger seat, offers to drive. Because I'm so f*cking stressed out, I'm getting a stress headache.
There is no damn shoulder to pull over on. When the car dies, and it did repeatedly, I had to pull over on the SOB grass. The kids are freaking at this point in time. Probably because if a strong wind came by, we would have rolled over.
So I let my best friend drive. And she did just fine. Sure, it died about five times. But we got home.

I do NOT do well with frustration. I don't mind knowing that something is frustrating ahead of time. Then I have the mindset for it. But being bombarded with shit drives me stupid. I absolutely hate it.
Frustration Level Exceeded.

I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow. We think it's just the fuel filter. Let's all hope so.


Tori Lennox said...

*hugs* on the sucky day!!! Car trouble has to be one of the most frustrating things on the planet! And what's the deal with AAA??? It shouldn't mattere WHERE you are!!! Bastards!

chryscat said...

Tori: And that, my friend, is why you're one of my favorite people.

Michelle said...

Hugs, Chrys!! Glad you made it home safely in spite of the car troubles.

Jill Monroe said...

Oh, how awful. So, so sorry.

B said...

Honestly, we must have been seperated at birth, I understand EXACTLY what you're talking about. Sorry you had such a crappy, stressful day!