Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Pause

Hi everyone!
Double posting today! Woo!

I'm working on my current WIP. We'll call it OEE. And I'm finding that I have quite a few suspenseful moments about. A Pause, if you will.

You know what I'm talking about. If you watch soaps, it's that moment when it shows a character quietly contemplating what was just said. Or the secret that they must keep. Or some other groundbreaking, lifeshaking event.
The Pause is important. It can turn a story into a completely different one. It can take a gentle turn or a wild one. It's the moment when characters are confronted with new info and must make decisions accordingly.
I like The Pause. It's the crescendo of the piece. Working higher and higher toward a peak before a precipice. And then more climbing ensues.

Do you use The Pause a lot? Do you like reading it? Do you find yourself turning another page because The Pause was SO good you can't imagine reading more? That's a powerful tool.
So I'll continue to work on OEE. I'm about 2500 words today. I'd like to double that. And it's funny because I like to end the day on a Pause. Because the possibilities are endless.


Amy said...

I're making me think sooo much! lol

Tori Lennox said...

I'm with Amy. *g* I'll have to let this percolate on the back burner of my brain....

chryscat said...

You two are hilarious. Amy, have a thought for me while you're at it.
Tori, if you drank Diet Pepsi, you wouldn't have these problems.