Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Up in arms

I don't get out enough. Obviously.

I receive my news from blogs and online loops. And here are the top two stories of the week:

1. Miss Snark "outs" a query letter that actually NAMES the submitter and then proceeds to rip her apart. Oh, and invite others to do the same. While the letter may have been unprofessional, Miss Snark's behavior is obviously the same. Maybe she could have changed a few names or loosened the straps on her stilettos.

2. A new term emerges--"internalizing". This has somehow become the buzzword for PLAGIARIZING. Let's just call the damn thing what it is.
If you have taken another person's work and changed two adjectives and one noun in the passage, you are a CRIMINAL! Go to jail. Do not pass GO. Hie thee ass away, and don't you DARE do it again. It's a shooting offense, in my opinion.

Professionalism, people. Look it up. Practice it. And for God's sake! Be an adult. It shouldn't take a village.


Rene said...

Hmmm, I read over at Snark's and I can see both sides. She does state if you email her, expect to see it on her blog. I've emailed her and had my stuff on her blog but I also was wise enough to keep my name off of it. I do think it is tacky that she put the poor woman's name on it, but damn, you've got to be out to lunch not to be aware of what could happen. If you insist on carrying a rattlesnake, you can't be surprised if you get bit.

And the whole "internalizing" thing. The one passage they noted was so clearly copied, I don't see how this girl could possibly think she could get away with it. Harvard is not pleased but I don't think they can boot her. I'm sure one of the reasons she was accepted was because she had a juicy publishing contract. I wonder what is going to happen to the movie deal. Random House is not going to let this one go easily. Nobody is buying this chick's internalization story.

Janie said...


I hate to say it, but I don't read Miss Snark anymore. For lots of reasons. It's not personal. But I have to stay motivated and all that business stuff drags me down. Writing is hard work. Too much information makes it worse.

And that "Internalizing" thing! OMG! I read those passages. MY WORD. They were obviously copied.

The Guardian newspaper really made a joke of it, saying it was terrible concerning the things that go on in her mind or something to that effect. Meaning, dumb.

Tori Lennox said...

Amen, sister!!!