Sunday, April 16, 2006

The popular crowd

It's not cool to read ebooks.

When I go bloghopping (not to my usual haunts), I often find sidebars with bookcovers of books being read. And none of them are ever ebooks.
It's as if ebooks are the pariahs of the literary world.

When I go to Fictionwise and check out how my books are doing, and *God Help ME!* checking out the numbers, I find a lot of interesting information.
First, my ebooks are being read by readers who read TRADITIONAL pubbed books. My books have been purchased by people who read Debbie Macomber. Kinley MacGregor.
And I have to think WHOA! How the hell are these readers pulling this off? I don't mind electronically rubbing elbows with mainstream publishers. That doesn't matter to me.
I simply want a little respect.
When I went to the list of publishers and clicked on the names I knew published "traditionally" (paperback), I was extremely surprised to find that I had more readers rate my books than some of theirs.
I'm talking about Sil. HQN. Zebra. Mira. Red Dress Ink. Pocket. Dell. Bantam. So on and so forth.
Of course, Dan Brown rocked the house. *laughing* His numbers were off the charts, folks.
But I digress.
I'm simply saying this: A lot of people don't want to admit that epublishing is publishing. BUT IT IS.
Writeminded...God bless their collective hearts...mentioned the fact that there ARE good ebooks out there.
And I simply think that word of mouth will do wonders for this publishing venue. If you read a good ebook, PLEASE let someone know. If it inhales, do the same.
Because no matter the wrapping, a gift is a gift.


Shelli Stevens said...

Ah, see that's comforting to know. Because I just sold my first ebook, and I've been wondering about how well epubs sell! Congrats on your success!

chryscat said...

Shelli: Congratulations!
I will say this, though. Sell yourself. Sell your book. Do promo. Have excerpts. Reviews. Whatnot. Because a book's best friend is its author. Best of luck!

Rene said...

I am not an ebook reader and it isn't anything to do with snobbery, I have about 5 ebooks downloaded I haven't read simply because I have a hard time reading on the computer. I don't like reading my own work on a screen. I think its one reason I change blog patterns so often because my eyes get irritated. I have read some good ebooks. I should download them in Adobe Reader and print them out chapter by chapter. Hmmm....wish I'd thought of that earlier.

chryscat said...

Rene: Not so much snobbery as the utter refusal to try something new. I'd rather read a paperback myself. But I don't want to miss out on a good read, no matter the format.

Eva Gale said...

Yes Ma'am!

I have a few I'm reading now. I'll post about them when I'm done.

Briana, Now posting as Eva Gale!

chryscat said...

Eve: That would be awesome!
Do you want me to change my link for you?

Gina said...

I didn't use to ready many e-books, but once I started reviewing, I started to read more. i still prefer a good old paperback though.

Amy said...

I have two problems with ebooks. 1) Same as Rene. I want to curl up with a book. Literally. I either read in the tub or in bed. 2) I have this gargantuan TBR pile of paperbacks and they are much more visible than any ebooks I might download. They look at me and beg me to read them.

I've purchased one ebook so far, and I really, really like the story. (Cece Stuart's Once in a Blue Moon.) But I haven't finished it yet because of #1 above.

That said, though, I think ebooks are going places. There's a particular audience for them and that will only grow. (I'm thinking of people like Sharon, who devour books so they have no TBR pile, and they love instant gratification.)

After saying all this, I have to point out that this doesn't mean I won't buy more ebooks in the future. They're books. I'm addicted. *g*

Diana Peterfreund said...

When I read ebooks i like, I blog about them, but as others here have said, I don't read a lot of ebooks, because my main reading time is during my commute, and my paperback fits in my purse. I don't think I've read an ebook in more than a year, but the last one i read was phenomenal. the author has since gone on to sell to a print house.

When there is a book I want, I will buy it in print, even if it costs more. As others have pointed out, I have a bunch of ebooks I've purchased taking up space on my harddrive right now that I may never read, because the format is so difficult.

Regarding comparative stats from fictionwise, it is no surprise to me that books that are first and formost ebooks sell better there than books available in both electronic and print format, because it's a place for ebooks, and I think, given the choice, people will buy print books. So the e-sales of a book publishing in both formats is going to be very low. People will buy their ebooks there, and their print books at their local bookstore.

I never go "browsing" for ebooks, but only buy them when it's a story I'm dying to read and it isn't available in print format. I think this may be why I've enjoyed almost all of the ebooks I've bought -- because they are never something I pick up on a lark. I have to really want it and really think I'll love it to put up with the format.

Since most ebook houses now put out print versions, I tend to wait a few months and get it in print.

chryscat said...

Ah...stirred it up a bit, I see.

I would rather have a book in my hand than read off the screen. Mainly because I look at a screen ALL DAY LONG when I write. Which is ALL DAY LONG. *laughing*
I love audio books, but I rarely pick them up for the same reason. I simply thought it interesting that there ARE good ebooks out there that do not get attention. That being said, there are also trad. paperbacks that can say the same thing.
Spread the literary love, people.