Wednesday, April 05, 2006

One hot mama

Hi everyone!

I am smokin'!!!
Over 11,000 words in two days on my latest. I'm absorbed right now. Time is flying. I'm typing. And it's going so well, I can hardly take it!

So. I feel pretty damn good right now. And the premise is different. Funny. And I'm hoping for an agent with this one. I'll keep everyone posted on progress and whatnot.
And more good news...Perfect Timing has moved up to #17 on the Romance section on Fictionwise. Yay!!!
I think I'm going to need some celebratory ice cream sometime soon.
Update: I'm approaching 13,000 words. Note to self: Purchase buttered pecan ice cream tomorrow.


Tess Harrison said...

That's awesome! Can I borrow some of that steam you got going. And woo-who on your story moving up the charts!

Ceri said...

Congrats and congrats!!! I'm envious. I have so many other things going on today and tomorrow that I don't think I'll get near what I want done.

B said...

Mmmmm, buttered pecan, YUM! Go get it girl, you deserve it. Congrates honey, you are totally smokin mama!


Rene said...

Way cool on the word production! That's awesome and yes, you deserve some ice cream.

Silma said...

Whoa chica! You're hot, hot, hot! *lol* Yeah, reward those muses. You know what they say, hell hath no fury like a piss off muse.

Michelle said...

Send some of that mojo my way! Awesome job!

Beth Ciotta said...

Lots of good news here! You're on a roll. Congrats and keep rockin'!

chryscat said...

Thanks, Ladies!!!
That's where I'll be today. Writing some more. I'm convinced I can have this written and edited by the end of the month. It's practically writing itself.