Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Close community

The world of Romance Writers is a vast universe.
We are scattered about the globe. Here. There. On different continents. Across oceans.
This internet we all surf on is a great tool for keeping us connected. For sharing. For helping. And for spreading all types of news.
We write different genres. Subgenres. Our methodology varies greatly. Some of us plot. Some of us don't. (hehehe)
But I appreciate it when other writers take time out of their day and offer a congratulations. Or a bit of advice. Or hell, just a "HI!" every once in awhile.

When I shared my good news, I received many congratulations from writers across the spectrum. Some e-pubbed. Some traditional pubbed. Some close to my home state. Some clear across the world.
And that means something to me.
Not only do I love to share good news, but I have to say that a fellow writer's support ranks right up there with my beloved Diet Pepsi and chocolate.

We don't always agree. Sometimes we're siblings fighting for a parent's (publisher's) attention. Sometimes we bicker amongst ourselves about the best way to approach something. And every once in awhile a bully comes along that tears us down a bit.
But we stick together for the most part. Lending a hand. A shoulder. And making each other feel part of a bigger entity.

So while I shared my news about my newest sale, I received as much from your congratulations as I did just sending out the information.
Just wanted you to know.


Rene said...

Glad we make you feel good. I bet you would feel even better if you switched to Diet Coke ;)

chryscat said...

I've responded to this blasphemous comment on Rene's blog. She and Tori are trying to convert me.

Silma said...

Yep, it's good to see your fella romance writers cheering you up. *g* If you weep, they weep with you. If you succeed, they congratulate you. And if you rant, they bring baseball bats and whack you back into your senses. *lol* Gotta love 'em!

Janie said...

Great post and a good one for all occasions. Glad to see you doing so well, and you have my best wishes.