Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Words have power

This has been said many times in many ways. Words have power. It's something we need to remember in our life. Many people do affirmations. Kacey has mentioned it in her blog http://www.thewritingspot.com/blog/.
Do I have affirmations? Of a sort. I have goals which I have posted on my desk. And I tell myself I can do it. Over and over again. Even when I falter, I pick myself up and move on. The last couple of days I've encounted a person who was rather a snob when it came to epublishing and my writing level. Never mind I've never met this person. Never mind they've never read a word of my work. The email was extremely condescending.
What did I do?
I deleted it. Very simple. Those words are gone. There are no remnants. And I know better. I know what I can do. I know what I'm capable of. Because I remind myself on a daily basis of what I want in my life. I want positive people and things around me. Positive begets positive. Negative begets negative.
Sometimes it's that simple. Being picky about what you want in your life. Embrace what helps. Ditch what doesn't.
Take care of yourself.
addendum: I am WAY behind on adding links to my blog sidebar. I hope to finish that project this week. Me, being the techno goob I am, will do it in increments.


Beth Ciotta said...

Amen, Crystal. AMEN!

username said...

Go you! *applauds*

Nancy J. Bond said...

sound of applause... You're right, Crystal. You absolutely, positively must believe in yourself and know what your potential is. There are more than enough naysayers out there. The only way to reach your dreams is to keep them in sight. Anything in the way gets pushed gently
aside. :) Good for you for being focused, something I've lacked lately.

chryscat said...

Beth: I hear the "Hallelujah" chorus. *grinning*
Kel: Thank you, hon. I believe we both march to the beat of different drummer.
Nancy: Thanks so much. I've kept up with your blog, and I know how frustrating it can be. Especially with those winds whispering in your ear. *wink*

Michelle said...

You are so right. Surround yourself with positive-thinking people and look where it will take you! :)

Tess Harrison said...

Good for you. I find when I'm around negative thinking people it rubs off on me and I don't need or want it in my life!