Friday, July 08, 2005

Power strip hell

Power strip hell. Also known as "Get the fire extinguisher, Martha, and put the insurance guy on speed dial!"

I went shopping today. Piddly shopping. I finished my list and went around to the thrift stores. And what should I find? A Nintendo 64. For under twelve dollars.
The chickens were dancing and almost wetting their pants. Never mind they have a PS2. Nope. Forget a big bunch of that. It was a NINTENDO. *cue "Hallelujah" chorus*
It didn't have any controllers or games. But I remedied that. It's called a pawn shop. And therein shall be cheap controllers and games. And let there be joy amongst the chickens. And it was so.

Until I tried to hook everything up.

Let me explain something to y'all. I don't know shit about hooking up ANYTHING. Exaggeration? Hell no. Truth. Fact. And dammit, I TRY!
Anyway...I look at the booklet. I look at the Nintendo. I look at the TV. Not a word is uttered. I once again gaze at all three in turn. And then I get to it. Repeatedly.
And it's not that hard. There is ONE piece of equipment I'm working with. And I didn't even have to go buy it. It was already IN THE BOX.
But lo and behold. It will not work. After much groaning and gnashing of teeth (and SEVERAL muttered expletives), I'm done. I unplug everything and just look at it, cursing its very existence.
I take a deep breath and plug everything back in. Oldest chicken turns on the TV.
And it's on.
Turns out that the AC adaptor decided it wasn't pushed in tight enough. Needless to say, I've taken headache pills, and life is looking up.

But the power strip by the TV? OH. MY. GOD. It's a clusterf*ck. And that's the nicest thing I can say. We've have the TV, pool pump, Nintendo, and various other chords here, there, and everywhere. It's skeery.
I'll unplug all the unnecessary goodies before bedtime. Or sleep with a fire extinguisher by my bed.


Tori said...

Oh, man, do I ever hear you on the power strip thing! I've got them all over the place in my bedroom.

chryscat said...

And we live in an OLD house. We're lucky to have enough outlets to begin with. And the wiring? *shuddering* Skeery.

Michelle said...

Was there great rejoicing throughout the land because of the Nintendo? :)

chryscat said...

I think their hot, little hands would have had to actually LEAVE the Nintendo 64 before there could be rejoicing. As it stands now, they're glued to it.

Eva Gale said...

And let there be joy amongst the chickens. And it was so.

Hee!! You crack me up.

I'd like an Atari with Breakout, Tetrus, Pac-man, Pong, Asteroids, OHHHH Space Invaders.