Friday, July 15, 2005

Melting Pot

When something first forms, it searches for the spot where it fits in. A movie, book, or television show will automatically be categorized. It goes into a certain slot, and it's judged amongst others in its group.

But lately the line is blurring. Country music is finding its way onto pop radio. Rap and rock are filtering through Country. Many television shows are cross-genre now. Books have several different elements in them.
Lines? What lines?
There are no purist media anymore. And those who cling so tightly to it? Times, they are a changing.
Media is evolving. It's taking different pieces and melding them into something even greater. And the resulting product will be sure to change even more.
So let's embrace the melting pot of media. It will continue to shape our thoughts and ideas.
And those that don't meld? Don't fit?
Those are the pioneers. And we need them as desperately as we do the classics. If not more.


Tess Harrison said...

So true on the melting pot. The world is so diverse now so why wouldn't we expect the media to be the same.

Tori said...

This must be why I'm writing a paranormal/action/adventure/chick lit/murder mystery..... *g*

Silma said...

It's a survival of the fittest. Whoever adapts will survive in the writing business.

chryscat said...

Teresa: IMO, it's very hard for some to accept change. They cling stubbornly to what they know and refuse another idea any place in their world. It's not healthy.
Tori: And that's why I adore you so. *grinning* You just tear that sucker up.
Silma: Yes. And there are always growing pains involved. The unwillingness to adapt and accept new things will lead to the end of it.

Suzanne said...

I love genre blending!!! It's so much fun!!! Love to read it, too!