Friday, July 15, 2005

And we thought writing was difficult

There have been two notable additions to the anonymous literary blogs. One is Miss Snark, literary agent and the other is Agent007

Miss Snark is just that. A snarky agent with fangs for teeth and a wicked tongue. Highly enjoyable to read. But it seems that all she's dishing is snark. Her slush pile is pathetic. Her time is precious. And don't you dare breathe the same air she's breathing unless your head is out of your ass. So to speak. And who can blame her?
Agent 007 is a little kinder and gentler. He tells it like it is. But his is a softer approach. And more informative as of right now.

The trials and tribulations of being an agent must be enormous. Snark seems to dismiss anyone and everyone she feels isn't worthy. Agent tries to be empathetic. Snark will verbally tear you a new one. Agent will try to explain his side of the story.
I'm waiting for a little empathy to trickle through Snark's blog. She obviously knows her job. But in my mind, I see a baracuda sitting at her desk typing out some of the harshest words known to man. I see Agent as a man with a desk full of papers and a mug to his right.
Quite a different picture.

And on being anonymous? Yes. I'm sure it's a perk. You can say what you want about pretty much whomever you want. But I think we all know that unfounded ugliness will come back around. Never fails. It's karma for want of a better word.
I'll continue to read both because I AM trying to glean as much as I can from those more experienced. Imagine that.


Danica said...

I definitely believe that what comes around goes around... :)

Rene said...

Interesting blogs. Miss Snark's is fun to read. I do kind of wonder why she is doing this blog. Maybe for kicks? The other blog is far more genteel. Not as fun to read. But the agent does seem to be trying to help writers.

Olga said...

I'll probably read the blogs for research purposes, but I hope that my ms will never end up on Snark's desk!

Suzanne said...

Interesting links, Crystal!

chryscat said...

Danica: You and me both. *wink*
Rene: Yes! I feel the same way. Definitely different styles.
Olga: No kidding! Could you imagine? ACK!
Suzanne: Thanks! I don't read them everyday, but I check them out once and again.