Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Good thing I'm not a licensed physician

Well then. I learned it wasn't my appendix. Seems to be my gallbladder. Oh. And I have hypertension. I just don't know when I've had more fun. *snorting*

Talked to the doc. Oh man, I like this guy. He's from New York. Very down-to-earth. Nice bedside manner. I told him where it hurt. And as he's pushing down here and there...he nailed the spot. More than one tear sprang to my eye. It HURT!
So, he's apologizing. And I'm telling him it's okay. Meanwhile, I'm dying.
He advises me he thinks it's my gallbladder. And I have hypertension. And no one is going to operate on me until my blood pressure is lower. Hmmmm. Crystal=wound tighter than a top. *pondering the situation*
And, I'm on a NO FAT diet. That's right, people. NO FAT. I just have to capitalize it. It deserves it. No cheese. No dairy at all. No meat. NO FAT. heh

I'll be eating like the proverbial rabbit here for awhile. Really not a big deal right now because I have NO appetite. Doc prescribed three pills. Two for my stomach and one for pain. I told you I liked this guy, right? *grinning*
I've taken the meds and am waiting for the pain pills to kick in. Kids are swimming. I'm not writing. In fact, the only thing I'm going to do right now is go to a medical site and check out hypertension and gallbladders.

I want to apologize to all those lovely individuals I usely bloghop to. I probably won't be stopping by as often for awhile. I need to see how the meds make me feel.
Ultrasound on Friday. Next appointment on Tuesday. The joy of it all.


Suzanne said...

Hugs, Crystal! I hope the meds work out and don't make you feel too bad!

Tess Harrison said...

Take care of youself! I hope everything works out ok and you don't get too sick from the meds.

Olga said...

Major hugs and I hope the things will work out for better, too. I'm so sorry about your health problems, and I second Teresa: please take care of yourself!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Ugh, I feel your pain. I had my GB out in '99 laproscopically. Tiny 1" incision where the GB is, and two teeny slits below for the instruments which didn't even require stitches. Home the next day. Nothing to it, but the attacks were horrible, and I only had two bad ones that I knew for sure were GB related. Mine was full of stones. So, if you do have to have surgery, you'll feel like a new person for it. :) I hope the meds work and feel better soon. -njb

April Joleen said...


So sorry to hear about your pain. If it is your gallbladder you will feel SO muchbetter with it gone!!

had to share, part of your post read like my sex life, ofcourse until i got to the IT HURT part...hehe

Oh man, I like this guy. He's from New York. Very down-to-earth. Nice bedside manner. I told him where it hurt. And as he's pushing down here and there...he nailed the spot. SOUNDS LIKE A HOT FIRST DATE LOL More than one tear sprang to my eye. OH YEAH THEN IT MUST HAVE BEEN GOOD!!! It HURT! HUH PAIN? UMM NOT SO GREAT LOL
So, he's apologizing. And I'm telling him it's okay. SEE, EVEN HERE IT SOUNDS LIKE MY SEX LIFE.

Sorry had to say it I was busting a gut over here :-)

Desperate Writer said...

Hey, I've had that. Put surgery off for a year--not recommended. It poisoned my pancreas by waiting too long. I had the surgery right before the lap. became the norm, and it was just fine. I had been so afraid, but when it actually happened, everything was just fine. He took my appendix out as well while he was in there, which suited me just fine. Does the Dr. think the hypertension might have been caused by the dr visit itself?

Silma said...

Be a good girl, take your meds and do what the good doc tells you to. *g* You'll be feeling better soon.

As for the hypertension, take it easy and relax. Not easy when one is a writer, uh? But just do it anyway, and get better.

Tori said...

Sounds like you caught this pretty early which is a GOOD thing. Both my parents had to have their gall bladders out this past year. In my dad's case it took them bloody forever to figure out that was the problem and he almost died. :/ Not that I'm saying that to scare you because it doesn't sound like you're anywhere close to that point yet. Just take your meds and listen to the good doctor. Lots of hugs and prayers for quick recovery.

And even more hugs for that nasty no fat diet! Ugh!!!

chryscat said...

Suzanne: Thanks! So far, so good. I'm actually sleeping through the night. Yay!
Teresa and Olga: Thank you. I'm trying to take care of myself, believe me. There's these pesky chickens, though. LOL
Nancy: That makes me feel a wee bit better. Apparently we're going the lap op. I'm perfectly well with that. I'm just dreading the IV. God, I'm such a wuss. *grins*
April: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. And that is why I like you. *snickering* Sex life. Uh huh.
D.W.: Don't know if the hypertension was a factor or not. Doc seems to think that the gallbladder might be affecting my blood pressure. ????
Silma: I know! I can take the meds just fine. It's that damn relaxing part I have issues with. *simmering*
Tori: Thank you for the good wishes. And the diet? Geez. I'm over here sucking on a piece of lettuce.

username said...

You'll be amazed at how great you feel once it's out. I had mine removed 8 years ago last month and dropped like twenty pounds--went from a size 12 down to a size 8 and did nothing but eat! It was fabulous!

Had no problems at all and wound up in the ER with a secondary infection from my GB--they pumped me full of antibiotics via IV for a day or two before they took it out. Once it was out, it was great!

You'll be amazed when you feel so much better after having it out that you won't realize how bad you felt before it was removed.

Eva Gale said...

No fat AND the pain furthers by a ailing gallbladder? Ei ei ei. You poor thing!

I hope you're feeling better soon.

Demented M said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about the gallbladder/hbp/appendix stuff.

I hope you feel better soon!