Friday, July 15, 2005

Today and tomorrow

Today I've written on both my contemporary and erotic romance. I've typed about 1500 on the former, and 2200 on the latter. I'm almost ready to wrap it up for the day.

And tomorrow? There will be no blogging. Well, depending on when I purchase my Harry Potter book. If I bring it home early enough, I may have time to blog about it tomorrow evening. Otherwise, don't even think I'll be doing anything else but immersing myself in Mr. Potter's story. Can't WAIT! *rubbing hands together*

Of course, this means I must finish all my chores today like a good girl so that I actually have time tomorrow to myself to read. SIGH
One must do what one must do.
Happy reading!!!


Danica said...

Congrats on the writing!

Rene said...

Good job on that word production. The dh took the kids to a HP party last night and they went to another one this morning. He wasn't up to staying up late to buy the book. A children's bookstore was having a HP breakfast this morning, so they decided to buy the book there. Personally, I would wait until Costco opens because the book is $15.99 there. The L.A. Times gave it a good review, said it was quite frightening. Can't wait to read it but will have to wait for my son to finish it first.

Tori said...

WTG on the writing!!! I only wrote about a page and a half yesterday. :)

chryscat said...

Thank you so much, ladies!
I knew I was having NO production today, so I think I was trying to make up for it. heh
I think my Wal-Mart copy was right around $16, so it wasn't that bad. And it's phenomenal!