Sunday, July 03, 2005

The grass is always greener...

How many of us have felt this at one point or another? There's another author/person who has it easy. There books/things are always the best. They have the newest gadget/whatnot made. Sometimes it looks better on THAT side of the fence. But let me share something with you.
You are where you are supposed to be in life RIGHT NOW. This very minute. This very second.
Amazing, isn't it?
We have choices. And your set of choices has brought you here. And now you have another set of choices. Big choices. Little choices. Career. Children. Love life. EVERYTHING.
There is no reason to think the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Cease and desist.
You have your own lawn to worry about.


Amy said...

Ah, right now, my ass is in the chair, and I have a feeling you're right...this is where I'm supposed to be. However, I don't think I'm currently doing what I'm supposed to bloghopping vs. writing. *g*

Good post!

Jill said...

LOVE this.

Margery said...

Great attitude, Crystal. I should spend more time being thankful for what I have rather than what others do.

tori said...

*raising hand* Guilty as charged, ma'am.

You have your own lawn to worry about.

LOL! Most excellent point. [smile]

kacey said...

Good post and a great attitude! We have so many choices and ways to spend our time. WE decide what we want to make of our lives.

chryscat said...

Amy: LOL! You're cracking me up. See? Your comment has served its purpose. Now get to writing!
Jill: Thank you. *grinning*
Margery: Every once in awhile this train of thought hits me hard. And I come to the realization we make our own destinies and lawns. Quite the eye-opener.
Tori: Well yes. Our own lawn and Zorro movies. MUST HAVE PRIORITIES! *grins*
Kacey: Indubitably. Some days it's easier to accept this than others. I've never been one to worry about the Jones'. But I do admit to the occassional lingering look at the neighbor's lawn.

Gina said...

Great post, Crystal!

Tess Harrison said...

I am guilty of this at times. And the grass isn't always greener. I have to stop and remind myself of that sometimes.

chryscat said...

Gina: Thank you!
Teresa: I think we've all done this at some time or another. As long as it's not a habit or a measurement of ourselves.

Danica said...

Great Post!!

Suzanne said...

Oh, I love how you put that--worry about your own lawn. LOL.

Beth Ciotta said...

"You are where you are supposed to be in life RIGHT NOW. This very minute. This very second."

Love this thought. Really enjoyed this post!

swamp4me said...

Totally off the subject...but, hey, that's me --

I thought of you just a moment ago. I looked out the den window to see what the cat was staring at and spied a black racer chillin' out under the fig bush, about 4 feet from the house. "Chryscat would not be happy," I said to my cat. Her only reply was a sardonic stare.

chryscat said...

Danica: I'm glad you liked it!
Suzanne: Thanks! LOL I'm hoping the simplicity of it came across loud and clear.
Beth C.: Thanks! I remind myself of this often.
Swampy: Never a truer word was spoken. Does she leave the racers and other critters alone?

Tori said...

Crystal, of course. Can't do without Zorro. *g*

Michelle said...

So true! It reminds me of when I had my second child. I kept telling myself that I needed to stop and enjoy the infant phase because it would never come back again. So I snuggled with her and watched her grow. It was nice.

swamp4me said...

My cats are both indoor cats - no roaming the wild for them. The only critters that fall prey to them are the mice that find their way inside from time to time -- and the big grass spiders that come in every now and then. :)