Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Good thing I like Toby Keith

My middle daughter is going to drive me to drink. I just know it. :)~~ Queen of the Procrastinators. I've now just finished helping her with her Toby Keith report. You know...the one she knew about a MONTH AND A HALF AGO. And so, this evening was a pleasant one. She was on the bed scribbling madly while I dictated to her. God love her. She's so damn smart. And then she gets lazy. SIGH. So many more things to do than study. She had a picture published in an art book when she was five. Artistic is putting it mildly. She'd rather draw than anything. And she's good. But...she's got a mind like a steel trap. Hears a song once and knows the words. We go over her homework, and she can repeat what I've said almost verbatim. It's the GETTING THERE that is giving me more gray hairs LMAO. Hmm. Looking back. I'll have to devote another blog to the other children. SIGH. The world of checks and balances. But this one is for you, sugar. Now pass Mama the tequila. :)~~


Michelle said...

Did someone say Tequila??? *my ears perked up* I know I heard it somewhere! Darn it now where is that bottle!
Laughing...Well, at least you had something fun to write about...we were studying latin tonight, and EARTH...rotation, revolution, axis, and all that other crap. *sheesh* Then it's on to grammar rules...I swear that stuff is good! I'm learning something...well, maybe if I can lose "Smallville" for a little while I might learn something...I'm addicted bad!!!!
P.S. I love Toby Keith!

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

How about "Whiskey for my men, Beer for my horses?" I love that song!

Michelle said...

My personal favorite Toby Keith song: I love this bar...
Um...what does that say about me?
*shaking head*
Michelle who is laughing