Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Arctic Tundra

I'm talking about my BEDROOM! Brrrrrrrrr. Apparently my wall heater went out before two. Because that's when my orange tabby, who's in heat, started that God-awful meowing which woke me up. I tried to relight it (the heater, not the cat) but couldn't. It won't STAY lit. So. It's a cold son of a gun in here right now. opportune. Instead of piddling around on the computer, I will be compelled to take my frost-bitten heiney into the living room where there are NO distractions, but there is HEAT! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
And it is there, beside the lovely Christmas tree, where I will work on my blocking and write notes longhand. GASP! The only problem with that, is that I must slow my brain down far enough so that my hands may keep up. (GGG) I hate to lose something valuable in the crevices of my mind. Of course, wouldn't be the first time (shrug and grin).


none said...

Can you believe it's going to be 10 degrees in Mississippi this coming week. That's insane. I don't even own a coat!

I could not live in the North or the Northwest. BRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!
I am freezing. I don't know how you do it. You have a slight wind all the time, don't you. You have to, you are left of the river. Laughing.

Laverne told me that in England, lots of people don't have heat through out the whole house. That's cold.

I just hope the winter is not too bad. It can be cold. But not wet.

Long hand lets your brain slow down. HOPEFULLY! But I have the feeling your brain runs in hyperdrive! Give up caffeine!

Don't tell Joely that!


chryscat said...


*laughing* Who says it's the caffeine? LMAO I'm like this ALL the time.
It's a windy sonofagun here. We had a tornado up on the hill this last summer. (My back yard)
It's ALL a wind tunnel here :)~~
Bundle up and take care!