Monday, November 29, 2004

My profession...a RANT

Okay then. I write. It's what I do. What I live for. What I love. However, today I was told that my writing profession translated into...I DO NOTHING. Yes, in CAPS. At least that's what it sounded like coming out. I just play on the computer. Whiling away my day tapping on the keyboard and doing a big bunch of nothing.
Okay...I'm pissed. I'm not glossing this over. It hurt. And LORD, it made me mad. So. I offer this:
Writing is a noble profession. At times, thankless. Not readily understood. Abstract and not easily defined or seen. Not measured by traditional means and methods. But joyful. Necessary to my soul. I may not bring in six figures...right NOW...but don't count me out. My writing is my purpose. My calling. I don't put down what you do, and don't you EVER AGAIN put down what I do.
How easy it is to criticize what we don't understand and which means so little to us. Open up your mind. Not everything is measured in dollars and cents. My work is measured in feelings. Emotions. Purpose. This is my LIFE. Accept it. And if you can't do that...then shut up (GGG)


Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Grrrrr. I hate it when people say things so casually, oblivious to the hurt they cause! Maybe the Wicked Witch can cast a particularly nasty spell toward this person and deny them the ability to READ.

Michelle said...

I'm guessing that you a signifigant other type conversation today...It's not funny. But I have one of those every other day. Could be because my house looks like a red and green tornado went through it. I haven't mopped my kitchen in two weeks. The sheets on my bed need to be changed...and the list goes on and on.

My favorite one that I get is " I don't care if you write, but all you do is get on that computer and check your emails. If you want to write, write. But do it after dinners done would you?"

My response: "I've got a cast iron skillet with your name on it bud. Come on...Let's rumble"

Hang in there sweetie! You've got a great story cooking in the old noggin! It's going to be fantastic...We'll all be able to say we knew you when!!!
Big hugs from one of your Goblin Sisters!
(Yep. the one that can't spell)

none said...

It's unfortunate, but most writers must face this type of "conversation." If this was your lovely husband, and I am sure he is lovely, then I would sit down with him and have THE TALK, face to face, in a serious fashion. However, don't expect anything.

This is how it will happen. The more dedicated you are to your writing, the more seriously you take it, the more others will. However, it does not mean they will like it. They will just know to keep their mouth's shut. Laughing.

I will add this in their defense. People who are not writers, who do not live in their imaginations, have inner worlds, can never really understand a writer. They can try, but their life is not inside their head.

So you have to find a balance. You keep the house clean, you take care of your family, and you write. Frankly, it seems to come in that precise order. Laughing here. If the house is clean, and supper is on the table, most husbands will forgive anything.


none said...

Oh, by the way, I am pulling out my book and casting spell directly. Toads and Warts. Hmmmm.