Monday, December 13, 2004

Fell off the Blog Wagon

Where did this weekend go? (Looking around and seeing NOTHING) I remember waking up on Saturday. Left the house early. Next thing I know it's Sunday evening. Watched the Packers EKE out a win. WHEW! I was sweating that one. And now it's Monday, and I was having blogging withdrawals. So, here I am. Have one child home sick. Loads of cookie fixings in my kitchen. And yet... I'm just not up for it right now. I think I left my arse somewhere Saturday. That's the only logical explanation.
Some cable channel was showing "Fellowship of the Rings" this weekend. I watched that again. That's only the second time I've watched it. And it was GREAT! Several things I didn't notice the first time, I GOT the second time. Really, really wonderful.
It's Monday...and what does that mean? That means about three hours of homework. If I type "Joy", will everyone get the sarcasm dripping from the letters? Show of hands please................kay.

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Michelle said...

There you are...I hadn't seen you post on the list, and I had wondered if you had been sucked into some big, dark deep shopping hole this weekend. My little one is sick but she went to school. I am horrible, I told her she had to suck it up as this is the last week of school for a couple of weeks. She was not pleased in the least. However, she wanted to cheer at the game this afternoon so off she goes.

Glad to see you survived the weekend hon.