Monday, December 27, 2004

Part Two

Ahhhhh. That's better. More of an even keel now. I'm going to make it. Had to square things up a bit.
It's the last week of December. Utterly incredible. I still need to layer my blocks and study THE NOVEL further. And I'm having this uncontrollable (and for me...this is saying something) urge to clean the house. Start anew. All that yada.
It's that damn HGTV, I tell you. Manic people SHOULD NOT watch the stuff. There should be a disclaimer. "WARNING! If you give no thought to jumping headlong into several projects at once and love to multi-task...DO NOT WATCH!" NOW they tell me.
(SHRUG) Too late. I'm hooked. And now I'm working up a schedule to fit ALL my stuffs into. First and foremost...THE NOVEL. Followed closely by decorating the bejeezus out of my house. *rubbing hands together* Paint...I need fresh paint. And brushes...and that neat little tape that makes sure I don't make a mess. *mumbling to self* drop cloths...sponges...rollers...paint chips...


none said...

No, Manic, or OCD, which is me, get into trouble with HGTV. Fred sees me watching "it" and he goes into the rigors. Is that the right word? Laughing.

But that's why I have lots of glue guns. I love crafts. I love hobbies. Writing is a hobby for me. Laughing. I go insane when people say, "My writing is my life, it's not a hobby!" Poor dregs. "Hobby People" are the most dedicated people I KNOW! We should all treat our writing like some treat their glorious cross-stitch. If I worked half as hard on my novel as my sister-in-law, Carol, works on her cross-stitch, I would be INFAMOUS if not FAMOUS! No kidding.

I love to clean. My third kid says I am INSANE with vacuuming. You knows when I might vacuum. Or clean? But gosh, I hate clutter and my house is just clutter so I am constantly cleaning. I am obsessed! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME! Giggling.

My next project is to paint the door of my office. I want it to be like the door to an insane asylum unless you got some great ideas for one. Madwoman in the Attic would be good stenciled on it.

I want to paint all the doors INSIDE MY HOUSE. Fred is about to cry over this.

Will post pics of my cookie cutter wall soon! And The Monster's door, which I already started!


This turned out to be a letter.


none said...

That's supposed to be "who" not "you" and don't ask me a damned thing. [g]