Tuesday, December 28, 2004

My Artistic Endeavors

I cleaned like a FIEND today. Had the kids shackled with garbage bags in one hand and dusting rags in the other.
I have this whole rearranging thing going on. I want to paint ALL the trim in the living room. I want to finish the bathroom. PLEASE DON'T ASK. 'Tis not a pretty sight. Then there's all the knobs in the hallway. Artwork in the living room. And I am going to craft (in a perfect world) pieces for my living room and kitchen.
Tomorrow I am going over to my Craft Mentor's (Betsy, I adore you!), and she will be showing me the ropes.
I CANNOT believe how much room I have in my house. It's unreal. Since I cleaned my linen drawers in the hallway, I have two empty drawers. OMIGOD! Yes! I said EMPTY! Just goes to show I haven't cleaned them out in three years LMAO.
Now...I am in desperate need of totes. Totes of all sizes. Yes. Yes. Come to me, oh plastic containers. And do my bidding. LMAOOOOOOOO

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none said...

Make sure you color code things! LMAO!