Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope your holidays are lovely. I'm enjoying my day immensely. Kids are stuck to the PS2. My youngest is jamming on her new microphone cassette recorder, and the middle girl has the Bratz Twins doing their nails and hair at their new salon. LMAO
I got a glue gun! WOOHOO! And all kinds of artsy craftsy stuff. Keep in mind, I've wanted to be artistic in this venue FOREVER. I have the will but no real direction. But now, NOW, Dear Readers....I have a friend who is taking me under her artistic wing...THANK YOU BETSY!!! I have my glue gun, paint, and all these little pieces of wood and goodies. I am excited! We'll start Glue Gun 101 fairly soon.
Everyone here is happy and healthy. Kids have another week off. Perhaps I'll be glue-gunning them to the closest piece of furniture LMAO.


Michelle said...

Merry Christmas Chrys...Glad you survived honey!

none said...

Please wear gloves [g] while glue-ing your children to the walls. They serve a double purpose. No fingerprints for one! Laughing.