Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Shrek would be proud

I keep coming back to the part in Shrek when Donkey is questioning Shrek about his "layers". Shrek uses an onion for example, which sets up a rather funny dialogue.
And that's what I'm doing today. Layering. Have my notebook out, and I am writing more notes in my sections of THE NOVEL. The process is really fascinating. It's still like I'm watching a film, but it's slower this time. More thought out. Richer. Fuller. I love it. I'm enjoying the process a lot more than I thought I would. LMAO
Did you catch that, Janie? (GGG) About halfway through the first half of my blocks. I'll be working on this the rest of the week.

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Michelle said...

I love Shrek! Donkey is hysterical. However, in Shrek II I think I fell in love with Puss...How could anyone ever resist such a face! Hope you are doing well dear! I'm back to my sheets!