Thursday, December 02, 2004

A writing workbook

Wow. They make writing workbooks. This flies in the face of everything I've ever known. I simply have to laugh for this reason...I NEVER KNEW!
In my lovely writing group, I am being exposed to all sorts of different ideas and processes. I must admit I love it. Anything to keep the gray matter synapsing along.
If I wanted to write. I wrote. All the characters were in my head. If it "clicked", I rocked right along with it. But...GASP!...there are worksheets. And notes. And theories. And...well, LOTS of stuff. It's a whole new side to something I dearly love. And apparently...there are a BUNCH of these books out there. (Shaking head and grinning) Hmm. What a world. So. I'm reading through my shiny new workbook and checking it all out. Fascinating. Utterly fascinating. They may have something here LMAO.


none said...

I like Evan's workbook. He did a great job. Janie who is glad you finally got it. We can discuss. I know you are just thrilled! Giggling here. Meaning thrilled to be able to discuss it with me.

chryscat said...

Now Janie...LMAO,

Why ELSE would I be thrilled?

Michelle said...

Um...shiny new writing book? I must confess that "technique" books are an obession of mine. I think I have about twenty of them so far. However, I must clarify that sense Janie and I have become friends I have decided that I would spend my time and effects better just crawling around in her brain. One of these days I'm going to figure out how to do it too.
who has the book but not the workbook.