Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Is it Friday yet?

Lord, I am READY for the weekend. Do some Christmas shopping. Loads of wrapping. Give the children some money and let them do some shopping. Ought to be um... interesting. I'm taking them ONE AT A TIME and shopping for the rest. So. Four trips. With pre-teen children. On a weekend. I really AM short-sighted :)~~
Literary life is great. I feel as though I'm really getting somewhere. I just need to SLOW DOWN. LMAO. This isn't my strength. So, I'm working against my grain in that aspect, but I know it will be so worth it. The picture is clearer, and I'm so thankful for my Goblin Sisters and their wisdom.
I have about one more hour before the kitchen will take up the rest of my night. Couple dozen drumsticks, two pans of potatoes, and five pounds of hamburger meat for tacos. The hamburger meat is for tomorrow. But HEY! I ain't cooking. I've already decided that one. I'll devote more time to THE NOVEL tomorrow.
Also... a little known fact. There could be a test later.(GGG) I write best when listening to music. Usually pop on Sirius 80's or 90's. I'm jamming right now.

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none said...

I'm coming for supper. I had cheese and crackers and a pot of hot tea! OUCH!

Your kitchen smells good, even in Asphodel. *G*