Sunday, December 05, 2004

Block Party

It's Sunday! A day of Packers football. Oh. And. Um...the beginning blocking of THE NOVEL (GGG). I've printed out the sheet, and I'm looking it over. However, it doesn't come with the book, "Blocking for Dummies," so I may have to enlist some help. I'll see if I can figure it out.
I'm going to rent PPV "Van Helsing" at noon. Any excuse for Hugh Jackman. Purrr.
The good news being EVERYONE will be gone next week. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This translates into...There will be NO knocking on my door every ten minutes. Friday is a BIG shopping day. It'll be a nice break. (smacking myself in the forehead after reading what I just wrote) Obviously I need professional help. :)~~
It WILL be a good day to get out of the house though. Breathe some fresh air. Remember what sunshine looks and feels like. It's been awhile LMAO.


Joely Sue Burkhart said...

If you find "Blocking for Dummies" please PLEASE let me know. I will need serious help!

Van Helsing, yum. My favorite line in there is "Why does it smell like wet dog in here?"

chryscat said...

LMAO and wiping my eyes. That FRIAR! (GGG) He really made it for me.
I didn't much care for the storyline...plot...ending. So. I probably would have been better off spending the two hours doing something else. Watching FOOTBALL now! Woohoo!!

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Yeah, other than drooling over Hugh, the plot line had I saw this with my sister (Letters to Charlie blog) and we roared all the way through the movie. One thing we couldn't quite figure out. Okay, two.

First, every time a werewolf fell, there was fire. Are werewolves spontaneously combustible?

Second, I can't remember her name--the chick? She bounces off walls, falls hundreds of feet, runs in killer spiked-heel boots, crashes through obstacles, etc. But she mysteriously dies as the end...? Why? Because the werewolf fell on her again?

P.S. Sorry about the Pack. At least the Chiefs didn't lose their fifth in a row today.

Amber said...

I blogged ya sumpin, sis. How the heck do I show it to ya?

Amber said...

Maybe this will work?
Let me know...

Amber said...

Orrrr, I see now that you can click on my name. Last post here today, sis; sorry for takin up so much space. Anyways, take care and talk to you soon.
Kiss the kids for me, except maybe the middle girl which seems to be givin you the grays(j/k).

none said...

If you find that Blocking for Dummies, I want it too! Janie!

chryscat said...

Van Helsing...
The brother died. The chick died. The vampire was so cheesy I wanted to smack him. Werewolves were popping out of the woodwork. Here's what I think...Let the brother live. Because he was a lovely piece of work. He and Van Helsing can live to fight another day. The chick? *shrug*
And the Packers? AAARGGHH. I am DISGUSTED. That is the only politically correct term I can use right now (G) Hey Joely! I love the underline! Can I do that? And GO CHIEFS! Monday Night Football!