Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Jerry Orbach and Reggie White

I can't believe it. Jerry Orbach is dead. That can't be right. Reggie White passed Sunday at age 43. I think I'm in denial.
Reggie White was an all-time sack king. He played for the Green Bay Packers at the end of his career and retired from there. I loved to watch him play. Reverend Reggie, they called him. A man who's heart was as big as he was. God Bless, Reggie.

Jerry Orbach could lay a zinger on you that had your mouth wide open and your eyes even wider. He acted in several venues. Theater. Television. Movies. I loved to watch him on "Law & Order". Man, I would just wait for him to open his mouth, and that delicious wit to pop out. I could watch him several hours a day as he played Lenny Briscoe. But I also loved him in film. Who else could be Lumiere? Who could be the Dad in "Dirty Dancing"? No one. My favorite scene is when he's sitting on the dock, and Baby comes up to him. The poignancy touches me every time. We'll miss you, Jerry. God Bless.


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