Friday, July 28, 2006

Yeah, yeah, I know what I said

So then.

The answer is no. No, I haven't started on my Time Travel Romance yet. Have I meant to?
Oh yeah. The past two days. Have I even made notes? Sure haven't.
After finishing the Torrid Teaser, I took a day or two to myself. Heard back from the agent who had OEE. She declined. Which is okay. *nodding* I expected as much. But I'm well with it.
If it's not a good fit, then let's all move on.

I've been obsessed (re: my OCD) on checking my stats. Yes. I'm special like that. *rolls eyes*
I've got the Whiskey Creek Press site. The WCP Torrid site. And Fictionwise.
What He Wants is just booking right along. It's #2 on the WCP Torrid site right now. I'm hoping for #1 this next month.
And what does this tell me?
1. Hot sells.
2. I need to get my ass in gear and finish my second full Contemporary Erotica.

I'm off to multi-task and generally make a difference. *snort*

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Tori Lennox said...

Hey, Robson Green's got a new show starting next week on BBC America! He plays a doctor this time around. *g*