Thursday, July 13, 2006

Permission slip

My horoscope for today:
Dig in your heels and take a stand for what you need today, especially if there has already been too much compromise on your part within the realm of relationships. However, this isn't about delivering an ultimatum. It's about the relatively smooth and impassioned discussions that can happen between two people who really want to work out a path toward a more successful relationship. Don't mince your words or restrain your actions. Just do it.

*blinking* Weeeeeeeell then.
Dig my heels in, eh? Take a stand, eh? Too much compromise on my part, eh?
I want this damn thing framed.

But that whole not mincing my words or restraining my actions bit? That doesn't really bode well for the other person.
I'm just saying.



Lyvvie said...

Perhaps this could apply to your characters, as opposed to another person in your life??

Then again, you have kids running around so there's no time for mincing your words. Not that I've ever found you to be much of a mincer.

Bryan said...


As much as like mince... and Crystal, too... I think you're right.

Ne'er the twain shall meet.

chryscat said...

Dear Lady and Gentleman: I'll have you know...I used to be a monumental mincer. A mincer of the highest order.
But after an extremely shitty abusive marriage and literally starting over from nothing, I find that mincing gets you nowhere.
So screw a big bunch of that. *snickering*
Mincing and I shall no longer be on a first-name basis.

Bryan said...

Well, just the same... I still like you... and mince, but with peas and tatties.

Bryan said...

Wow, this morning your weather pixie was under an umbrella with lightning behind her. Now she's in a bikini with a cat at her feet. I've never seen her in a bikini before.

Tori Lennox said...

Does this mean you're gonna make mincemeat of somebody? *scratching head*

And my security word is "fokct". *raising eyebrows* Ooookay.

chryscat said...

Bryan: Welcome to the wonderful world of Oklahoma. Thunderstorms in the morning and sunbathing in the afternoon/evening. Weather chickie will be wearing bikinis for quite a while from now until about um...probably the end of July. Supposed to be in the low 100's for quite a few more days. *sigh*
Tori: I'm truly having a fokct up day.
Fokct it all.

Lyvvie said...

I love fockt. It's my new favourite almost swear word. It replaces cunce. Another fine example of an almost swear word.

Did you know, over here if you refer to someone as a mincer, it means they're behaving in a sissy-boy way? Men who walk like girls are also called mincers. I don't know the origins/reasons but just to share.