Saturday, July 01, 2006


Undies undies undies.

As varied as people's individual personalities.

One of the ladies at Writeminded blogged about bra shopping. And here's my take on that. It inhales. I need one of those helper chickies who actually knows what she's doing. Sure, I can pick out my size. And I LIKE colors. Especially under a white button-down shirt. I don't like lace on top. It tends to irritate the breasties. (Looks like beasties, doesn't it? *snickering*)
And the straps have to fit just right. Because when they twist...irritating. Underwire doesn't work very well for me. It will for awhile...then it's those damn things poking out.
But a good bra? Priceless.

Panties? I like boy-leg cut. Or the snazzy silk ones. I've done the thong. And it has a time and place. *grins* But it's not an everyday occurence. Ya know.
I loathe granny panties. In fact, one of my splurges (besides books) is nice panties. Silky numbers in LOTS of colors. Or cute little cotton boy-cuts. One of my favorites is apple green with cherries all over them.
And sometimes the panties can make the woman. We, females, are like that. If they're a bit naughty, we might be, too. *wink*

And I have to admit...I like the idea of pondering male underwear. hehehe
NO on the bikinis. Sorry guys. It's just...uh...unappealing to me. Boxers are good for running around the house in. But I like the boxer brief. VERY nice. They fit snugly but don't let the goods flop about.

And now I have to know...ever know someone whose undies absolutely DO NOT fit with what you think they would wear?
Sometimes it's the quiet ones with the naughty skivvies.
And writers...which do your characters prefer? I've read quite a few stories where heroines save their "nice" underwear for a male to appreciate it. Sometimes it's the truth. But it's a shame. Break out the good stuff. You're worth it.


Rene said...

I'm doomed to underwires, have been since I was in high school. Doesn't matter my weight, my bra size stays the same. Except when I was pregnant. I don't want to go there.

Underwear...whatever I can get at Costco.

Men...I like those boxer briefs too. Very sexy. Love those department store ads.

Tori Lennox said...

I've never really gone into much detail of my characters' underwear. Oddly enough, though, the hero & heroine whose I did are in the same book. She's into fancy French silk undies (only she was way more practical when he knew her at university). He wears silk boxers. But I don't think I've mentioned it for any other of my "children".

Tori Lennox said...

Forgot to add that I'd never really given those boxer briefs much thought until I saw a pair on Eddie Cibrian in Invasion. Wow! Yum! :)

Bryan said...

I don't know that I have a preference. I've got boxers, boxer briefs, bikini, and commando (though only with jeans). About the only thing that I don't wear is thongs.

I think I've only ever written about underwear once and that was because Gabby was getting dressed for a date while talking to her sister-in-law. I haven't written any "undressing" scenes yet.