Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ms. 4000

Naughty C'ann needs to write 4000 words today. Minimum. *grins*
Therefore, she would like to post a couple of reviews that will (hopefully) inspire her.

This is from Euro-Reviews for "School's Out" in the Summer Sizzlers Anthology:

School’s Out by C’ann Inman, 4.5 Flags
Julie had been vacationing at a nude resort for the past five years. It was a way for her to unwind and relax. If she happened to make a connection, well, so be it. When she literally stumbles upon a handsome younger man, she invites him to dinner. At dinner, she discovers that he was a former student of hers…and that she met him on the beach…while sunbathing…in the nude.
Derek’s adolescent fantasies were filled with Julie. A couple of years after he graduated, he tried to locate her but work took him away. Now that he’s found her, he wants to teach her a couple of lessons…School’s Out is another exciting and sexy story. Derek is hot…hot-like-a-coal-out-of-blazing-furnace-why-is-there-never-enough-ice-in-the-freezer kind of hot.
C’ann Inman generated so much heat with this story that it’s a miracle the pages weren’t smoking…
Reviewer: Kerin

And for What He Wants from Romance Reviews Today:
WHAT HE WANTS is a charming and engrossing romance that will capture the reader’s attention from the get-go. Diana and Sheridan are perfectly matched in every way. Sheridan knows his duty to his race is very important and he will follow the rules to the letter. But as we all know, things don't always go according to plan. Diana turns out to be a stubborn woman with a temper to match when she's pushed too far. In other words, Diana has a backbone and Sheridan doesn't know how to handle it. The poor man! He thinks life will be easy, no troubles, and that Diana will obey his wishes. Not! The relationship between Sheridan and Diana is volatile and heated. Their sexual encounters are fiery and emotional.
C'ann Inman’s WHAT HE WANTS is a bewitching story that readers will surely enjoy.
Sinclair Reid

Off to create more heat for a certain character who thinks she has everything in hand. Silly, silly woman. Ian has a mind of his own.


Bryan said...

Hope you're having fun heating things up.

Thanks for the virtual hug earlier. Probably could have done without the accompanying snicker, but then I didn't read it until I was feeling better anyway, so that's alright.

Gabby's almost happy again, though she sulking a little because I ignored her for so long.

Tempest Knight said...

Great reviews! Congrats! Yeah, I can see why they are pretty good motivational incentives to make you write. So go write those 4K words! *wg*

Tori Lennox said...

And did you get your 4000 words written, missy? :)