Friday, July 21, 2006

More reviews and writing

Got two more reviews in the inbox for What He Wants. Hot diggity! Very nice. But I'll spare y'all this afternoon. *grins*

I wrote around 2500 words yesterday. So now I only need about 2000 more today. Have to go to work this afternoon, but I'll tuck in this evening and check it out.

It's amazing. Seems like certain things go in cycles. Bad news. Good reviews. Contracts. Feeling a bit "off." All that.
I've been a bit scattered the past week or so, but now I feel as though I'm back on track and focused. I absolutely love that.
Finish up the Teaser. Work on the other Erotic Romance and my second Guardian book. Wow. It's always something, huh?

Supposed to be 110 here today. *sigh* What point to wear make-up? Um, none. So I won't. Heaven help my co-workers.
And my good news, besides all the literary stuff, today? I am now the official owner of House's first season. Oh man. Hugh Laurie. *fanning self* Let the snarkiness begin.

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Lyric said...

House is the "kink" of snark isn't he? I love that show. Congrats on the reviews.