Saturday, July 29, 2006

Strictly business

Yes. Lots of folk in Atlanta. Having a good time. Acquiring agents and such. (Go MICHELLE!)
And I'm not.

So. I'm making the best with what I have to work with. Knuckling down on this damn Contemporary Erotica. About 30,000 words in. Shooting for around 45,000.
I'm giving myself two weeks. It needs to be done by August 15th. Finished the Teaser and will submit it July 31st.
Working on the second book of the Guardian series. And the Time Travel Romance.

I'm considering finishing the TT Romance and pitching it in Houston. That might work for me. But I'm not going to let my ebooks fall to the side. Write. Write. Write some more. I don't want a lapse on either my WCP or WCP Torrid side. Steady releases. Name in the public's eye. That's my goal.

I'm working on PFP (Contemporary Erotica). Let's all hope the Diet Pepsi holds out.

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Rene said...

You sure have a lot on your writing plate. Good for you. I'm sure you can do it. Beer helps me write, you might want to try that.