Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Blanket rules

I don't like blanket rules.
You know...when a rule applies to matter what.

Now, I can see the whole "Don't shout FIRE in a crowded movie theater" or something of the like. That has validity. And other rules of that sort.
But I was very irritated last year when my chickens' school bus was divided into gender sections. Girls on one side. Boys on the other. So this meant that boys could sit by themselves while my girl chickens were pressed THREE in a seat.
Me=not so happy.
And this was because some idiot high school couple couldn't keep their hands or whatnot to themselves. *rolls eyes*

So. Last night we went into town because I wanted my upper ear pierced. You the cartiledge area. And we were ALL going to get it pierced. The girls were excited.
We arrive at the place, and the manager explains that only kids thirteen and older can have it done.
I, of course, asked...why the rule?
Apparently, according to her, some children under thirteen won't maintain upkeep. Won't clean their ears. Yada yada so on and so forth. *eye twitch* It's a LAW.
I promptly say that the oldest is thirteen. (Small lie. We're two months shy of the celebratory day). Other two chickens are disappointed. So am I.
We were going to bond, you know. Over the puncturing of our ears.

I certainly would make sure my girls take care of their piercings and whatnot. And just because some twit of a parent wouldn't...two of the girls have to wait.

Blanket rules annoy me. It's as if one person has taken away the rights of many. And how democratic is that?


Tori Lennox said...

Those are both really stupid rules. *rolling eyes*

Rene said...

That is really, really, stupid. Both rules. The gender division on the bus is stupid beyond belief and obviously came from some very short-sighted people. And the piercings, if they have their parents permission, esp. with you standing right there, what is the big deal? Dumb, dumb, dumb.