Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Crystal Revisited

Had to do a bit of shopping this afternoon.
Anyone else feel like they pay Wal-Mart's electric bill? *rolling eyes*
So we're traveling in the van, and I can't find a single decent radio station. I finally turn to KMGL here in Oklahoma. Magic 104. It's more soft rock.
You know how Kenny Loggins was the movie soundtrack guy for the 80's? And Bryan Adams was for the 90's?
I LOVE Movie Soundtracks. So I'm listening to the station when a duet comes on. A ballad from the eighties. It's a good one. I'm thinking Stevie Nicks and Joe Cocker, perhaps.
I hear this funny, little noise come out of my oldest (almost 13).
She's riding shotgun.
I glance over and see her pretend to light a lighter and proceed to sway back and forth in her seat.
What do ya do? *laughing*

And then I had this funny feeling of deja vu. Because my mother would sometimes listen to KOMA (Oldies) while we would travel about. You know...when she didn't pop in an 8-track. *snickering*
And I would suffer through the oldies with rolling eyes and heartfelt sighs.

Now guess what?
I'M the Mama. And my seventies and eighties are the same as my Mom's fifties and sixties. Isn't THAT just an eye-opener?

But then I got the oldest back when I acted like a complete idiot by singing "Yee-Haw" while driving. People looked. She sank into her chair. And all was right with the world again.


Rene said...

My kids get to listen to ska music. My son loves a group called The Selecter, a ska band from England in the late 70's. They also get to hear Bob Marley. The other day I turned on a punk station and blasted them with The Clash.

Is it any wonder my son only listens to classical now? LOL

My daughter likes Hilary Duff, the Shaun Cassidy of her generation. The youngest jumps and jives to Laurie "Pig on her Head" Berkner.

Nancy J. Bond said...

:-) Just wait until you're about to become a grandma and your kids' 80's and 90's become like your 70's!! Talk about eye-opening! Ouch.

Tori Lennox said...

Y'know, it's probably a good thing I don't have kids. *g*

I have REALLY eclectic taste in music. It all depends on what I'm in the mood for. Used to be all 80s, all the time. Lately, it's been Sirius Satellite Radio's The Beat channel (dance hits). Sometimes it's country, or Broadway hits, or Big Band music. :)