Friday, August 04, 2006

Phantom keyboarding

It has begun.

Life is cutting into my writing time. *sigh*
I didn't blog yesterday! I didn't write a word!!!

The interesting tidbit of the evening? Apparently my keyboard has been heard tapping while I'm asleep.
Who else is freaked out?
Maybe it's my subconscious trying to get its licks in. Geez. Just what I need. REALLY no rest for the wicked. *snickering*

I interview Monday for the forty-hour per week job. Fingers crossed.

The "Sooner Nation" has been rocked.
Okay. For those of you who live in college football know what I'm talking about. Sports are HUGE here. And the Oklahoma Sooners are at the top of the heap.
But, unfortunately, there is a small problem. Seems our chosen quarterback and another member of the team decided that taking $18,000 per year for a 5 hour week from a booster was a good idea.

Can you believe that crap?
First of all, if I worked FORTY hours a week...I wouldn't make that much money. Second, they KNEW it was wrong. Guess the greed just got to them. And third...if I hear the term "Sooner Nation" one more freakin' time...someone better have emergency services on speed-dial. I am SO not kidding.

Had something else to say. *pondering*

We had a big electric storm/monsoon last night. The electric was out for around two hours.
Picture this: Four children. Pent up in a house. With only their collective imaginations used for something to do.
I laughed until I hurt.
Who else smells a new reality television show?


Tori Lennox said...

Okay, that whole phantom keyboard thing is kind of creepy. Maybe your characters are trying to write their own stories? *g*

And since you're a good friend, I'll be nice and not tease you by saying "Sooner Nation". LOL! *running away very very fast*

chryscat said...

You DO realize I will now need to cyber smack you, right?

Tori Lennox said...

*giggle* You can try. ;)

Btw, meant to add that I like your reality tv show idea. What kind of stuff did they come up with?

Bryan said...


Either your brain is so used to you typing that you hear it even when it's not there... or you have a ghost writer.

Sorry, couldn't help it.

Olga said...

The keytyping sounded spooky indeed... Btw, best of luck on your interview!