Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Oh. My. Freakin'. God.

I have paperwork out the ying-yang.
I went to Norman today and had my benefits talk. Pretty cool stuff. But lots of paper. Packets of paper.

Then I arrive home and am BOMBARDED with slips of paper from the chickens. *eyes cross*
I mean, My God!!! Didn't we just do this last year? They go to the same school. Ride the same bus. Do all the same stuff. But yet I STILL must fill out reams of paper on them.
*taking a minute to mourn the forest that died for my forms*

Now the good news...I have another contract!!!
Too tired to dance, but I'm smiling. :)~~
It's for my Torrid Teaser...Moon Goddess/Sun Goddess.

Bryan, my dear, I'm heiney-deep in edits. And THAT will take quite awhile since my time has been pared down. But it's done!!!
Hope everyone's well. I won't get to play catch-up until Sunday!


Bryan said...

For some reason I just falshed on the comedian (The Cable Guy maybe?) who says "Git 'er done".

Good for you though. Better to be busy than bored, eh? At least until you're so tired that bored looks like a REALLY good idea.

Bryan said...

I'm not sure what falshing is, but I don't think I did that. I flashed on the comedian.

Tori Lennox said...

But lots of paper. Packets of paper.

Yeah, whoever said computers would make us a paperless society LIED!!! I seem to have more and more paper flooding my room every single day.

Congrats on the latest sale!!!