Monday, August 07, 2006


Seems I once again missed the big Ta-Do at RWA. Or at least the cluster some chick named Jan something-or-other started over a letter.
Thanks to Rene. I really DO need to keep up on one person's utter stupidity and how it affects the masses.

Jan wrote a letter to RWA pushing the definition of "romance" as between "one man and one woman."
Anyone hearing Dubya's voice? I am.

Sure. She can push this crap on the masses until her hands become arthritic and the rest of her gray matter rots. That's her prerogative.
But to think that it represents MOST of RWA...and that some are just TOO scared to say bullshit.
She's puffed herself up quite a bit. Inflated. Same difference.

So I googled what Rene suggested I google. And I hit upon Kate Rothwell's blog, which I read upon occasion.
There she posted snippets of the lunacy letter. And posts her opinion.

It's rather delicious.

But what I REALLY like is the fact that Nora Roberts has ALSO posted responses. *nodding*
Jan felt the need to hold Nora up as an example and spout her nonsense.
Nora responds back that those are HER experiences. And therefore, (and stick with me), she probably knows them best.
I adore this woman.

I'm liberal by most standards. *shrug* It is what it is. But I do believe in Freedom of Speech.
I do, however, have a problem with someone who has a God complex.

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Nancy J. Bond said...

I read that hoo-hah too and thought Nora handled herself with the wit and intelligence we've come to expect of her. :)