Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Great Expectations

I borrowed a LKH book from the library the other day. Micah, to be exact.
It was my first.
And let me just

There were a couple of nice dialogue pieces. The storyline was fair. Nothing spectacular. And it felt more like a sandwich piece. You know...a filler.
I won't be reading another.

Reading is subjective. LKH has flocks of fans. They like her writing. And that's a wonderful thing. But I certainly won't fall into the LKH legions. I'd rather read a Mary Janice Davidson or Gena Showalter.

There is not a lot of time these days to spend reading books. More's the pity. And I am more in the habit of putting a book down after the first chapter than finishing it. Because why waste that time?

Ever have those Great Expectations dashed? Pick up a recommended book...and be utterly disappointed?
And how far in do you read?
My tolerance has shortened considerably. That surprise anyone?


Tori Lennox said...

The first few books in the series were really good. Then... I'm not sure what happened, but I wanted to read them less and less.

Janie said...

Well, I just hate Anita Blake. She was good for the first three books and then she went *nuts* and I am waiting for Edward to kill her. I quit reading after book #8, I think.

Eva Gale said...

GAAH! Micha was THE WORST!

Go back and read Circus of the Damned or an earlier one. She went batsex crazy in the later ones and lost everything.

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Oh, Crystal, don't bother reading the latest LKH stuff. Read the early books up through Obsidian Butterfly, my all time favorite of hers. From there, I can tell you the plot becomes having sex with as many different partners as possible!

My patience has shortened, too. I used to force myself to finish the book -- as I made myself read Moby Dick. Now, I've read enough Dicks in my life. :-)

I always love your sense of humor!!