Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm back...sort of

Well hell~!

I was going to post yesterday but couldn't find the time. I went to the funeral and came to work an hour late. I'm staying an hour late this evening because I needed to make up the time.
I'm blogging from work. hehehe

The kids are home today because school was closed in memory of Cindy. That's going to be hard for them to accept. Even now, they talk of not really believing it. And they all want to personally give a gift to her son. I'm trying to stress the importance of simply listening. It's a skill that is seriously underrated. But I'll also let them pick something out.

I hope to finish editing and whatnot on PFP. It's the Contemporary Erotica I'm currently working on. Once I finish that...it's off to Book 2 in the Guardian Series.

Where OH WHERE has the time gone? Hmmmmm.
Once I get Book 2 underway, I can't decide if I want to work on the Paranormal or Time Travel to pitch in Houston.
So...a question. Which do you prefer to read? I realize Paranormal is HOT. But I know Time Travel has its staunch supporters.

I'll make my way 'round to MySpace and my blogs (I MISS you guys!!!) Friday. YAY! Then, hopefully, I can do it again Sunday. *crossing fingers*
Off to suck down the other half of my snickers as I am in dire need of chocolate.

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Tori Lennox said...

I don't like this new job of yours. It takes you away from us too much! :)

And you know which story I think you should work on. ;)