Monday, August 28, 2006

Disposable world

I was just thumbing through the coupons and trying to find some good items. One thing in particular caught my eye. Little disposable cups of peanut butter.

Gone are the days of scooping that stuff into a tupperware container and sending the little chickens off to school. You can spend twice as much...BUT (and here's the kicker)...NO dishes. *sigh* I hate dishes. Really I do.
So I waffle back and forth on this type of thing. Financially, I'm all for buying the industrial size and paring it down. Much better. But the damn dishes. And there is never just ONE container at my house. Oh no. Perish the thought. Usually EVERYONE has to have one. *sigh again*
But my favorite time is when everybody forgets they actually have the container and it sits. And sits. Wait...and sits some more.
Oh. My. God.
Roadkill has nothing on the stench of dirty, forgotten plasticware. (You know what I'm talking about.)

So what's a Mama to do? Well...I make concessions.
I don't buy the little container of ranch and such. I only buy the little containers when I'm really in a hurry and the chickens have an event of some sort. It's just flat easier.
What about you?

I know that my ex-MIL actually used to wash her plastic bags to reuse. Tried it once. Thought about suffocating myself with said bag. Never tried it again.


Tori Lennox said...

Life's too short to spend it washing plastic bags. I'm all for going the easy route. *g*

Rene said...

I'm with Tori. I'd go with the easy stuff. And yes, I know about those plastic containers which don't get washed. I think I've created life from those containers.

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Oh my, yes, those long-forgotten containers! I usually throw them away. The stench is just too bad, and I always imagine later that I can still smell it. Unless it's an expensive container like Tupperware (which I have very little of, luckily) I just toss it.

My mom washes plastic bags and reuses them. But she also sorts all her ditry silverware into the dishwasher first -- all the forks go here, the table knives, here, etc. She also sorts her spices by savory and sweet, on two different shelves, and then alphabetizes them.

Uhhh, not for me. I'm like where the hell is the freaking cinnamon??? I just put chili powder in my oatmeal!

Nienke said...

I have a split personality when it comes to those things. I wash my baggies to reuse them, but I'll buy anything that will save me time and dishes or work. For example, I found out yesterday my dry cleaners launders and presses shirts for $1.49! Ironing is on my list right under dishes for least favorite chores.

Lyvvie said...

I'm all for rewashing little tubs because I'm cheap. But, here we're not allowed to send nut things to school because of other kids with food allergies. No peanut butter, no nutty granola bars nothing with nuts allowed. I guess kids swap snacks and end up in anaphylaxis and it just ruins it for everyone. <- tongue in cheek, honest.

Chili in my oatmeal sounds really nice...