Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fish: The Next Generation

We decided one day that the kids needed fish. They were fairly low-maintenance. (The fish. NOT the kids.) Pretty to watch. (Ditto)
So each kid picked out two fish. There were six regular fish and two cleaners.
All of a sudden...they were dying off. I had flashbacks of Michelle's "Tank of Death" posts. Then I realized that I had uttered the foolish promise of replacing whatever fish died. I didn't expect quite a huge turnover though.
So we waited for a bit.
This morning, I was informed that the goldfish and blackfish that were left decided to procreate. Lo and tank now has two adults, one cleaner, and five baby fish.
The kids are excited. I'm cautiously optimistic.

I'm not stepping foot outside today. It's the 24th day in a row that's above the 100 mark. And today is supposed to be 105 or some other ridiculous number.
I'm working on my Contemporary Erotic. Around 10,000 words to go. And I feel good about it. I want it done by August 15th, and it shall be so. *grins*

The Whiskey Creek Press Authors are chatting at Coffee Time Romance this evening at 7 pm CST. That's 8 pm EST. 5 pm Pacific.
Drop by if you've the inclination.


Tori Lennox said...

I enjoy watching fish, but have no inclination to actually go to the trouble of getting any. Or taking care of them. :) There's also the question of where I'd them if I had some. I need one of those small gizmos that looks like an aquarium but is sealed and has fake fish. :)

Rene said...

I remember the tank of death posts. LOL. Glad you are having some success but I have found fire-belly toads are even easier than fish. You only have to feed them every 3-5 days and add water.