Thursday, August 17, 2006

Speak softly...

I don't understand why some individuals feel the need to speak down to children. I'm not talking four and five year olds. I'm speaking of pre-teens and teens.
What exactly is that?

I sent my baby (almost 11) into Subway the other evening to order two sandwiches. I sat in the van (directly in front of the store with eyeball coverage of said child).
There were two subway workers that were cleaning two machines with their backs to her. Then one stepped behind the counter and a couple of minutes later...went BACK to what she was doing.
I waited. I counted five minutes. Then I noticed a woman approach the counter and get service RIGHT THEN!!!

So I, in my mostly undressed state, turn off the van and proceed to go inside. (Here's a nice visual...little clothing and no underwear. Yeah. I was pissed.)
The lady has her back to me and is getting the bread out for the other customer. I clear my throat. Say "Ma'am." Then "Subway Ma'am." She finally turns around.
I explain my daughter has been standing there for about ten minutes now and no one bothered to help her. And I believe she owes my daughter an apology.
She blinks and looks like I just slapped the sense right out of her.
Then she nods her head and apologizes. She says she didn't see her. I stand there while baby proceeds to handle her business.
The woman ended up giving her free cookies. *sigh* She's killing me.

Now there seems to be an issue with the new coach and new principal at the high school. Good. Grief.
So I get home from work, get comfortable and give the man a call. The coach. Because apparently EVERYONE must have a glove for baseball tomorrow. And if they don't, "Then they'll find out what it's like to play without one."
Um...excuse me?
I call and tell him that I'm pleased he has furnished his phone number. I am pleasant. And then I ask what he said about the gloves.
Dead silence.
Then he explains that he doesn't really remember. *nodding* Uh huh.
And I tell him that there is no way I can even buy the glove tomorrow as I will be at work ALL DAY. He explains that's fine. I assure him I'll pick up the glove Saturday.
The problem as I see it?
He's trying to get his bluff in on the children now. That's fine. But there are ways to go about it. My oldest is already talking about dropping out of two sports activities (which she absolutely KICKS ASS at). And that is bullsh*t.

There are ways to empower children without giving your power away. And I honestly think that some people need to realize this.
Or as my oldest chicken put it..."They'll have to go through you to get to me."
Damn straight, baby. Damn straight.


Bryan said...

Good for you Crystal! Stand up for your chickens. You do more good for their self esteem that way than all BS no-score sporting events and nobody fails testing put together.

Your chickens see you stand up for them like that and eventually they realize that they don't have to wait for you. They can stand up for themselves.

Again, I gotta say, good for you.

Tori Lennox said...

*hugs* on having to deal with all the jerks.

And what Bryan said. :)

Olga said...

That's so upsetting how some people treat children. But you're one great mom, Chrystal*!